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Office email密码测验,马上试出你的英文简写修行level!!




Level 1 :  职场新人都必须懂

“I need to hv the report a.s.a.p. LMK when it’s done. ”
这个太简单啦!ASAP,就是 as soon as possible, 通常都是众上司的口头禅,因为他们都是习惯性「马上要」。而LMK,就是Let me know。

全句解意是 I need to have the report as soon as possible. Let me know when it’s done. 

Level 2 : 高层尊享特权特称

“Pls rmb that I’ll LET & WFH. Feel free to email me. Thx. ”

RMB并不是人民币哦,而是remember。LET 和 WFH 分别是 Leave early today 和 Work from home 这 2项高层先有的权利。

全句就是 Pls remember that I will leave early today and work from home. Feel free to email me. Thanks. 哇!上司提你他会早走work from home,还吩咐你有事情就email 找他,不是死人塌楼估计你也不会主动找上司的啦!

Level 3: 有头无尾最抓头


给个提示大家,这个时候就要看看email subject ,如果见到ICYMI,应该就是经常跟你通电邮的人,因为ICYMI = in case you missed it , 你做漏了什么啊?自己执生吧!

Level 4: 高手高手高高手

“The printed material will arrive at office today. IIRC , it’s COD. CMIIW. AYMK, I am OoO today. Pls handle. TIA. ”

这堆密码你都解得开的话,真相只有一个,你,就是那个上司!The printed material will arrive at office today, 去到这里普通人类都可以理解,后面那堆外星语是想怎样?

IIRC =If I recall correctly

COD =Cash on delivery

CMIIW=Correct me if I’m wrong

AYMK= As You May Know

OoO= Out of Office

TIA= Thanks in advance. 

全句解意:The printed material will arrive at office today. If I recall correctly, it’s cash on delivery. Correct me if I’m wrong. As you may know, I am out of office today. Please handle. Thanks in advance.


AFAIK = As far as I know

ATM = At the moment

FYA = For your action

FYI =  For your information

FYR = For your reference

HTH = Hope that helps

JIC = Just in case

MYOB = Mind your own business

NMP = Not my problem

NNTR = No need to respond

NRR = No reply requested

NWR = Not work related

PFA = Please find the attachment

PYR = Per your request

RB = Reply by

RR = Reply requested

SIM = Subject is message

SSIA = Subject says it all

TBF = To be forwarded

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