October 23, 2017 @ 03:14 PM

巨石强森(The Rock)晒出与昆凌的对戏剧照,周董有意见呢!


整理:Chelsy / 图:@jaychou, @therock

这次的演员阵容也包括了好莱坞第一壮汉巨石强森 ( Dwayne Johnson) ,《纸牌屋》第四季的Neve Campbell,美剧《火线重案组》(The Wire) 的Pablo Schreiber等等。这部电影是由巨石强森亲自监制的新片,与他参演可说是很多演员的梦想啊!



Friday. 230am. Good people. Hard work. Lining up the shots for the rest of the night with my #SkyscraperMovie director, Rawson Thurber. Proud of this dude. Fresh out of USC Film School, he breaks into Hollywood with a hit movie that he wrote and directed, called, DODGEBALL. He follows that up with another hit movie, WE ARE THE MILLERS. He then follows that up with another hit movie, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE with me and my much bigger twin @kevinhart4real. Refusing to be pigeonholed as a “comedy director”, he goes away for six months and writes a script that is not only reflective of who he is as a man, husband and new father, but also reflective of the kinds of big tent pole movies that have always inspired him from STAR WARS to RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARC. The script becomes one of Hollywood’s hottest scripts of 2016 causing a huge bidding war (true story) between every studio. The studios who won that war were Legendary Studios and Universal Studios. The name of the script... SKYSCRAPER. This guy has the potential to go down as one of the best true writer/directors ever. Too bad he’s an asshole. Kidding, he’s family to me and literally one of the nicest humans I’ve ever known. Eh he’s still an asshole. #OnSet #RawsonThurber #SkyscraperMovie

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巨石强森也在私人ig里分享了许多戏中的剧照,不过其中一张是昆凌以背示人。分享了这张剧照后,天王周董也忍不住抱怨了一下,为老婆大人打抱不平,再度在私人IG分享写说[只能说 你拿枪的背影不错,@hannah_quinlivan but can you tell @therock 以后拍照可不可以等你转身再拍]。






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